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Why Travel on a Private Jet

The question is often asked, “Why travel on a private jet?” It can usually be boiled down into a few very important reasons:

  1. Time savings: This is the most important factor to the majority of our clients. You show up at the time you want to leave from an airport where you want to leave from, get on the plane, and in most cases, fly directly to where you want to go. No long lines, no parking garages, no security delays, and most importantly, access to over 5,000 airports in the United States alone! The aircraft is yours and you can maximize the travel time to conduct meetings with your staff or catch up with old friends.
  2. Flexibility: Planes can be made ready in as little as a few hours notice. There is an old saying that one mile of road will take you one mile, but one mile of runway will literally take you anywhere in the world. You decide where you want to go when you want to go there. If you are delayed, the plane waits for you.

Safety is Our Concern

Freedom Jets is a company that was founded with safety principles in mind. The safety of our passengers and employees is paramount. We believe in providing the best trained, most qualified, and safest aircraft flight, dispatch, and maintenance crews that are available. We don’t just say we are safety minded, we live it every day. That is why Freedom Jets is one of only a handful of Part 135 Air Carriers that has taken the initiative to enroll into a voluntary Federal Aviation Administration sponsored and approved Safety Management System (SMS).

Jet Cards are here

Freedom Jets is excited to offer our Jet Card option as the way to achieve an even greater discount in our private jet travel. After researching the markets and looking at all of the complicated fee structures that exist in private jet travel, we decided to do what has worked best for us and keep things simple.